Please bear with me. I am currently teaching myself HTML & CSS (maybe eventually Javascript?). I fear this website will be fairly unimpressive for quite a while. Honestly, it may never really be impressive, but as long as it's functional, I will be pleased.
Anyway, once I get the hang of things, I'd like to use this pretty much as an outlet for personal rumination on a variety of topics. Nothing too earth-shattering, but hopefully entertaining or interesting enough for others to enjoy reading from time to time.


Since this is my website, obviously I can just make it about whatever the hell I feel like at the moment... But, overall, I'd say my intended main focus will probably be my record "reviews". I have a decent-sized record collection, and since I inherited a good deal of them from my dad, there are quite a few I've never actually listened to. My plan is to actually go through, give 'em all a good listen, and then leave my thoughts... Maybe not full-blown reviews per se, but at least something to capture my feelings.

So, music will most likely be the #1 topic of focus for the site, but I have plenty of other things I enjoy that I would like to catalogue on here. As a matter of fact, here's a nice little list of other things I plan on writing about:

Anyway, I hope you'll drop in from time to time to see how the site is coming along! And thanks for stopping by today. :)


4/12/23: Well... Almost no life from this thing in a year, but that's my depression and adhd getting in the way. I've been diving back into learning code in earnest again, recently. Can't say whether or not that earnestness will be reflected in any significant way on the website... But you never know!

4/21/22: Big overhaul on the front (and currently only) page. Updated site name and outline of planned content. Fussed around a lot in CSS; I'm sure the site will go through many different looks before the evening is over.


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